My stomach hurts

We are dedicated to empowering people who experience self-criticism, judgmental self-talk and chronic anxiety to find their voice & create their life's direction.

We specialize in working with people who experience
self-criticism, judgmental self-talk and chronic anxiety.

Our clients come to us feeling anxious and overwhelmed with thoughts focused on worst case scenario “what ifs” keeping them up at night. Stress has taken a toll on the body, including intense digestive and cardiac experiences. Self-doubt and judgments dominate. Avoiding in order to accommodate anxiety has impacted lifestyle, often limiting trying new things, decision making, meeting new people and living the best life possible.

Does this sound familiar? If so, contact Rise Up® to begin rising up above the grip anxiety has. You can expect to gain from counseling a sense of self and confidence in your ability to manage symptoms and stressors. Our clients learn skills that allow them to increase self-advocacy, participation in social situations and improved decision making strategies.

How we help you overcome

Expressive Art 

We use a range expressive methods including drawing, painting, song writing and dance as a way to connect to and process our emotions.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT helps bring awareness to patterns of thinking that are harmful and creates a roadmap to choosing more adaptive thinking.

Play Therapy

Play is our first language! Using play therapy connects to a different part of the brain that isn’t as dependent on language and is helpful when it feels too overwhelming to talk.

Motivational Interviewing (MI)

MI is an effective way to decrease stuckness and begin engaging in goal creation and attainment.

Sand Tray

When words and rational problem solving are maxed out and we are still stuck, the sand tray heals! We create 3D worlds in the sand as other therapeutic methods are used.

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

 Internal Family Systems is a way to give a voice to all of your parts, to reduce internal conflict and to get parts to connect.

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We are strong because of challenges, not in spite of them.

Managed care has increasingly dictated and impeded treatment options, so Rise Up® has made the decision to end all contracts with insurance providers. In order to provide quality client care focused on strengths rather than disease, Rise Up® is a fee for service only practice and does not accept insurance or submit documentation for out of network benefits.

We do not have a sliding scale, however sessions with interns who are working on completing training and licensure are offered at a significantly reduced rate of $30.

The client payment process is easy with our secure client portal where credit/HSA card information is entered in order to reserve sessions. The card is charged after each session without taking your treatment time! (Please know that missed sessions will also be charged.)