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Empowering people who experience self-criticism, judgmental self-talk and chronic anxiety to find their voice create their life's direction.

It might be anxiety...

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Our clients come to us feeling anxious and overwhelmed with thoughts focused on worst case scenario “what ifs” keeping them up at night. Stress has taken a toll on the body, including intense digestive and cardiac experiences. Self-doubt and judgments dominate. Avoiding in order to accommodate anxiety has impacted lifestyle, often limiting trying new things, decision making, meeting new people and living the best life possible.

Does this sound familiar? If so, contact Rise Up® to begin rising up above the grip anxiety has. You can expect to gain from counseling a sense of self and confidence in your ability to manage symptoms and stressors. Our clients learn skills that allow them to increase self-advocacy, participation in social situations and improved decision making strategies.

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Meet Jessica Packard, LCPC

Jessica Packard, LCPC, started Rise Up® in 2017 after years in the field in clinical work and management. As Jess states, "Because of my personal and professional experience, I know we are more than a diagnosis, we are a whole body and being. We are strong because of challenges, not in spite of them." Jess is honored when clients feel they can share a piece of themselves and is in awe of the strengths that she sees in her clients. Her goal, and the goal of Rise Up® is to build on these strengths to enable growth. 

Strengths awareness and attention to the whole body underlie all treatment modalities used at Rise Up®. You can expect to work with your provider using traditional methods, such as CBT, along with expressive art and sand tray. To learn more about evidenced based practices, see the FAQ section below. 

Values at Rise Up® are placed on client care, staff care and community connections equally. Not only do we assist our clients, but we also provide quality training for clinical interns, enabling a unique experience for them in private practice to create their own opportunities. 

Jessica Packard, LCPC

Helping you move from stuck to strength and empowerment.

Treatment is for you. When you aren't able to do what you want, when you are overcome with worry, when the what if's won't stop... We can help. The goal of counseling is up to you, and we'll help you get there. Stopping to ask for help is often the hardest step and we're here to help you take it. To make your first appointment and start prioritizing your life, book an appointment now. If you're not sure if counseling is the answer for you yet, sign up for our newsletter to receive weekly tips on getting unstuck in your life.

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