Our providers will facilitate the strengthening of your own voice as guidance to pursue your unique path.

Your Experience at Rise Up

When you choose to become a client at Rise Up®, you will be heard. You will create your path forward with our team teaching skills, promoting strengths use and encouraging you along the way. The journey of counseling is yours, and providers will facilitate the strengthening of your own voice as guidance to pursue your unique path.

Our clients come to us feeling anxious and overwhelmed with thoughts focused on worst case scenario “what ifs” keeping them up at night. Stress has taken a toll on the body, including intense digestive and cardiac experiences. Self-doubt and judgments dominate. Avoiding in order to accommodate anxiety has impacted lifestyle, often limiting trying new things, decision making, meeting new people and living the best life possible.

Does this sound familiar? If so, contact Rise Up® to begin rising up above the grip anxiety has. You can expect to gain from counseling a sense of self and confidence in your ability to manage symptoms and stressors. Our clients learn skills that allow them to increase self-advocacy, participation in social situations and improved decision making strategies.

Meet Our Counselors 

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Jessica Packard, LCPC

I work with clients to calm self-criticism and crush the anxiety that holds them back. I find my work energizing and I’m grateful for clients, team members and supervisees who allow me to participate in their journey of growth. Through all of these connections, I have seen amazing strength, healing, perseverance, creativity and drive.

Jessica Packard, LCPC

Personal Statement

My career has brought me to counseling and practice management because of a skill and interest that began when I was a child. When I struggled to find my way, my Mom taught me to block noise and judgments from others and myself and listen to my inner voice. She named this inner character ‘Yippee Girl’ (because I was a spunky chatterbox). I would later learn this character my mom had created is at its root a compilation of many things: self-esteem, self-efficacy, self-confidence, individuality, motivation, drive, instinct, conscience and moral compass. I have learned finding your inner voice and amplifying it moves you from misery and defeat to grounded and flourishing. You will Rise Up when your inner voice is the one that guides you. My skill is in seeing and celebrating other people’s ‘Yippee!’ voice, that is why I am a counselor and practice owner. Thanks Mom! YIPPEE!

Professional Statement & Credentials

Prior to starting Rise Up®, I managed Outpatient Therapy, Case Management (TCM, CIS and BHH) and Section 28 Children’s In-home Support programs. I currently provide individual treatment, manage and supervise Rise Up Interns, Employees and Contractors and provide clinical supervision to individuals and groups.


  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC)
  • Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider (CMHIMP) - Nationally recognized certification indicating additional training in the areas of alternative medicine and nutrition as they relate to mental health. Although I do not prescribe medication nor nutrition plans, I provide psychoeducation and frequently collaborate and refer to other integrative providers. Whole body wellness is recognized at Rise Up®.
  • Certified Clinical Child and Adolescent Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP-CA) - Nationally recognized certification indicating additional training in diagnosis and treatment of anxiety disorders in children.
  • Mental Health Rehab Technician- Community (MHRT-C) - Maine certification required to provide case management.

Licensure and Education:

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), licensed to practice in the state of Maine. I earned my Master’s in Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, concentrating in Play Therapy, at the University of Southern Maine (2011) and I have an undergraduate degree from Southern New Hampshire University in Psychology, concentrating in Child and Adolescent Development (2009). I have an Associate of Arts degree in Graphic Design (1999) from White Pines College.

Additional training in modalities/populations:

I have completed additional coursework and am experienced with the following modalities (treatment methods): Telehealth, Expressive Art Therapy, Play Therapy, Positive Psychology/Strengths Based approaches, Psychoeducation in Integrative Medicine, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Solution Focused Therapy (SFT). I have additional training and experience with the following populations: children and adults with ADHD, as well as parent skill building.

Carrie Ryba, LCPC-C

I have always been intrigued by the emotions and behaviors of others. Most of my professional life has involved working with youth to make positive change of one form or another. Now working with adults as well, I've found that those roles and expectations we have in our youth stay with us as we grow, informing our perceptions. Uncovering those truths allows us to find meaning and inspiration through the exploration of ourselves and the world around us.

I find the use of expressive arts and mindfulness an enormous wealth of opportunity for coping and regulation, and encouraging the revelation of lesser known parts of ourselves.

I look forward to working with clients of all ages, being an empathic presence, helping to shape meaning, develop insight, and find personal growth during life’s challenges and transitions.

A teaching site for interns.

Rise Up® offers a unique opportunity for counselors in training to be immersed in a small, treatment focused, wellness and strengths based private practice. Interns choosing Rise Up® to complete the final phase of their clinical training to earn their master’s degree and licensure experience a quality teaching site with engaged, supportive supervision. Interns provide individual and/or group treatment and are encouraged to explore their own passion to develop community connections and create a clinical niche.

Rise Up® has options for continuity of supervision from internship through conditional hours. We work with USM’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program as well as other CACREP accredited schools.

If you are approaching internship in your counseling program, contact Rise Up® now for an amazing placement!

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Matthew Chase - Intern

My personal interest in counseling grew out of my own experiences as a client. At a time in my life when I felt lost, feeling safe enough to share my struggles with another human being began a process that changed my life. It is my belief that the most powerful and life altering value that counseling can offer is the opportunity to shine a light into the darkness by sharing and exploring the parts of ourselves that we usually strive to keep hidden away.

As a counselor, my job begins with creating this kind of safe, non-judgmental space for my clients. Within this space, the healing process looks different for each individual. My intention is to listen deeply and meet clients wherever they might be, helping them to discover that their own inherent strength and capacity for self-awareness is the key to wellness. 

Our Offices

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We work with all ages (from kids to adults) on identity formation, autonomy, independence and confidence building. Working with them to find their own voice, direction and self-advocacy is often our mutual goal. This happens simultaneously with the reduction of anxiety.